Well, I found myself in BERLIN this past weekend. That was… different. Now, when you picture Berlin, think of it as you would imagine New York City, only with less filth and squalor, and the ability to move about without hitting someone, as well as more World War II memorials and exhibits than the entire rest of the world combined.

That being said, it was pretty cool.

Sabine and I got in Friday afternoon. We stayed at her sister’s place with her boyfriend, and once we dropped our stuff off, we went about adventuring. The first night, we saw that TV Tower. My GOD, that thing is huge. And I remember we learned in German once that they make a display at the top of the tower during Christmas. My God, I would die from fear just at the idea of being up a thousand feet in the damn air, let alone having the whole, “Let’s construct a modern marvel, that’s a testament to German will,” thing on my mind as well.

We walked about the city, and went to this international beer festival for a while, too. Now, maybe I’ve just never been to a beer festival, but if my experience was anything like the norm, then 80% of the crowd was populated by high functioning alcoholics. Sabine and I were sitting on a curb at one point, and this man came up to us and said “HEY. What are you doing? You’re supposed to be moving!” When we replied just sitting, he said, “OH. Okay. Where you from?” We answered his question, to which he said, “Oh yes, I from Norway, the capital of Sweden.” We honestly couldn’t tell if he was making a joke, insulting us, or just too drunk to actually know that Sweden and Norway are different countries. And with that, he disappeared, into the night. It was different, to say the least.

The next day was actually pretty amazing, though. Sabine’s sister and her boyfriend accompanied us to see the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the capital building, and the still standing parts of the Berlin Wall. The Brandenburg gate was a bit of a mind f***. I mean, how does something like that even come into existence? And then the carvings between the columns and atop the actual gate. That was pretty fun. We ended the night at the German-American festival. It was laced with carnival rides, that I’m almost sure would have failed almost every standard of safety regulations that they’d need to pass if they were in the US. But Jesus, I’ve never been so terrified, excited, and happy at the same time as when you’re spinning in a cart that’s connected and spinning to a different part of the ride, as you’re made perpendicular to the ground.

So, yeah. Berlin was nice. Berlin was fun. Berlin was different. We’re going to Weimar on Wednesday, I believe. Gotta visit Goethe and Schiller’s house, of course.

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