My Apartment

I didn’t realize how beautiful the view outside of my window was until my ex pointed it out.  I’m looking at it right now, as I’m typing this, and it really is breathtaking.  I’ll put it this way: the Germans take the fucking environment pretty damn seriously.  Here on campus, I’m surrounded by beautiful trees, with a multiplicity of colors, absolutely engorging the entirety of the campus.  And it’s easy to just ignore it as you’re going to class, or running around campus, or getting to the tram to go to some bar, but it really is beautiful.

I live in Plauener Weg 8, apartment 555d.  If someone wants to kill/rape me THAT BADLY that they’re willing to scour the internet for some college students Experiential Learning blog, then I’ll take that chance.  I gotta be honest, the place is a shit hole.  There are 4 people that technically live in this apartment, and there is no common area.  You get a big room, and nothing else.  And that is the sole saving grace: the apartment is pretty impressively big.  But it’s like a Soviet era relic.  I mean, the connecting hallway is about 2 feet wide, the kitchen is absolutely, hilariously pathetic, and if you may use your imagination, since my descriptive skills are not their best now, essentially a 3 x 3 square foot cage in which no matter what you end up doing, you end up colliding with the shower’s boundaries.  But more than that, the blinds for the room literally are useless.  Now, I’m a bit of a night owl.  I stay up late, and I sleep late.  But fuck, with these damn blinds, the first ray of sunshine of the entire damn day manages to wake me up, even if I just had gotten to sleep only a few minutes before.  That, plus I have to walk down and up 5 flights of stairs every time I have to take out my roommates trash, which is a thing here by the way, is a major inconvenience.

The point not being, I’m too cool to take out the trash, the point being, I take care of my stuff.  When I use the shower, I clean up after myself.  When I use the toilet, it’ll be spotless when I leave.  When I cook, I clean up after myself, and use my OWN cleaning ingredients and make sure that my roommates don’t have to clean up after me.  But evidently, self-responsibility isn’t a thing here.  No, 1 out of every 4 weeks, I have to literally act as maid to my damn roommates, because they’re too lazy to clean up after themselves.  And I’m not pretending as though I’m some sort of neurotic cleaner, because I’m not.  You should see my room.  It’s completely covered in dirty clothes, empty bottles, trash bags, class papers, and anything else you could imagine.  But that’s MY business.  Not theirs.  I’ll take care of the common area, not my room, because *I* don’t technically live in the common area, but no one sees my damn room.  So how is it fair that I have to metaphorically play the role of Batman’s butler Alfred once a month, just because my roommates are too lazy to take care of themselves?  It’s ridiculous…  Oh, and one closing comment: WHO HAS A 6 STORY BUILDING, YET DOESN’T HAVE A GOD DAMN ELEVATOR?  I’m tired of being winded every time I want to get back to my damn apartment…  The DDR was no doubt not exactly a fun place to live…

But I’m off topic.  My apartment has a wonderful overview of the surrounding area, and it’s rather calming.  As I’ve said, the Germans are rather fond of trees and being eco-friendly, so whenever I look outside my window I’m absolutely enamored by the overabundance of colors I see in the leaves of the surrounding environment.  That, plus the fact my apartment overlooks a quaint, old mansion, makes it delightful.  I get to watch as lots of people pass by my apartment, 5 stories below.  I wonder constantly what they could be doing with themselves, what they’re thinking about, where they plan on going.  It’s interesting because I feel like it’s a very secure form of people watching.  I just get to make hyptotheses about who they are, and what they’re doing, and gives me some primitive form of entertainment.

But I think the biggest part of my apartment that I find so amazing, is that it’s making me appreciate nature.  And Jesus, I’m aware, that sounds so cliche, but I recently took a class on American Romanticism, and Emerson literally changed my damn life.  I’m not ever going to be the guy that seems to think that I want to give up all of my earthly possessions and go out and live on my own in nature.  But then again, neither would Emerson.  My point being, is that Emerson once said that no matter who you are, we all seem to find some sort of tranquility and peace by being outside.  And I think that’s true.  He talks about how whenever you leave a building, or go on a walk, or just spend time outside, your mind is oddly cleared.  And that’s what my room REALLY means to me.  To Emerson, nature was a thinly veiled facade that represented the ultimate reality of… reality, which was God’s true nature.  We see it, through nature, and by adhering to  the ideology of Subjective Idealism, and we then see through the illusion of our reality and become one with God.  Now, I’m not that radical to suppose that’s all true, but he got one damn thing right: whenever I open my window and take a look out on the surrounding area, even if I don’t feel completely calm, I feel a whole lot better.

Emerson also said, “Travel is a fool’s paradise.”  Self-Reliance.  Check it out.  It’ll change your life.

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